Pickup Trucks and SUV Reviews

  • A Vintage And Rare Collection of Single Cab Hilux Pickups

    World's finest collection of Single Cab Hilux Pickups Are you crazy enough to search and buy a single cab pickup / pickup-trucks belonging to old generations of 1980s or 90s.? If some one is not even there must be a guy known as Guy Nicoll who loves to collect such…

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  • Hilux Pickup Prerunner 2×4 2.8G AT

    I believe that Ford ranger and Isuzu dmax stole a lot of Hilux sales, same goes to some other like vehicles. But its simply matter of time before people going to realize that power and looks alone is not enough. Hilux offers more like reliability, service network support, parts availability…

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  • Toyota Hilux Diesel Review by David Waterson

    Our company Gold Wright purchased two Toyota Hilux Diesel, one for staff pickup and one for inter-cities business tours. Me and my colleague both are very pleased with them. I had traded my Grand Cherokee for this new Hilux so was concerned I would be losing some ride and luxury,…

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  • Toyota Fortuner SUVs 3.0 Automatic 2WD

    Being an automotive trader I am the witness that the body-on-frame reliability, excellent engine and good space saw the Fortuner go from strength to strength. It's one of the rare cars whose sales actually improved significantly since its launch, this Toyota still outsells all of its direct competitors combined. This…

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  • Toyota Fortuner Review

    After realizing some weaknesses finally Toyota has developed it like a new car with everything reworked. The new ladder frame has been redesigned and made stiffer. The LED elements have improved its lamp design. A large dash board and a wider touch screen with the air-conditioned controls below it are…

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  • Isuzu D-Max

    A perfect vehicle for any highway. Use it for road trips, sporting, picnic, camping, light goods transportation, farm activities and your adventures. Might be not equally acceptable by city people. Exterior has excellent features and design and so the interior with wider space and a lot of comfort. Extremely stable…

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