A Vintage And Rare Collection of Single Cab Hilux Pickups

World's finest collection of Single Cab Hilux Pickups

Are you crazy enough to search and buy a single cab pickup / pickup-trucks belonging to old generations of 1980s or 90s.? If some one is not even there must be a guy known as Guy Nicoll who loves to collect such type of fleets of pickups. Yeah collection of Toyota Hilux brands 4 wheels drive single cab pickups of various generations is the hobby of Guy Nicoll, owner of a truck and plant hire business.
As he revealed in an interview with “Toyota People” a Toyota UK’s blog, Guy Nicoll described the way he labored for his 9 adorable 4x4 Hilux Pickup Trucks, all single cab begin with the model of 1980s. You might have a dream of having some real estate in a village area, where you can build such a large garage along with your farm house to amass the vehicles of your choice. Guy Nicoll is an enthusiastic person who not only dreamed it but he practically fulfilled his dream . They are not the luxurious vehicles of our time, they simply are 4x4 single cab Toyota Hilux Pickups ranging from red, whites , blues, black, silver ect., 9 vehicles and one each from every generation from 1980. I don’t know if anyone else has such a precious collection of Hilux Pickup Trucks in his garage. “From my perspective, I think the Hilux changed our perception of utility vehicles in this country. [...] British people only used to associate four-wheel drive vehicles with Land Rovers. But then the Hilux arrived and it was tough [...] and it had a pick-up bed that you could actually use,” Nicholls told interviewers.
His journey of acquiring the 4WD single cab pickup belonging to Toyota Hilux is not end yet and his thirst is on with searching more on print media and internet to expand his empire of Hilux Pickups. “I search the internet literally every day—mainly UK auction sites but also other sites in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and the United States. When I get home from work and have my tea, I get on my tablet and just search around,” Nicholls explained. Let’s have a look at his collection below by the courtesy of “TOYOTA

Guy Nicoll's Pickups Collection

Single Cab Hilux Pickups

Vintage Collection of Pickups

Toyota Hilux Single Cab Pickup

Unique Collection of Hilux Pickups




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