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  • The American automobile giant Ford Motor Company and the leading Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corporation is focusing on cutting their costs deeply for the purpose of saving uncontrolled expenses due to a decline in sales and profits.
  • On the auspicious celebrations of its 50th anniversary, Toyota Hilux introduces 2 new versions at the commercial vehicle show in Birmingham. The inclusion of these two fabulous pickup models enhances the demand and value of hilux to new heights.
    Toyota Hilux Invincible X and Toyota Hilux Invincible X Limited Edition are two of the most remarkable versions which give a bold confident impression for customers especially in United Kingdom to get a distinctive dynamic appeal especially for all younger generations.

    Are you crazy enough to search and buy a single cab pickup / pickup-trucks belonging to old generations like of 1980s or 90s.? There must be a guy known as Guy Nicoll who loves to collect such type of fleets of pickups. Yeah collection of Toyota Hilux brands 4 wheels drive single cab pickups of various generations is the hobby of Guy Nicoll, owner of a truck and plant hire business.